Smart Displayer 

Dugdale Digital Solutions for SmartDisplayer (DDS-S) provides a vital range of products and services to help customers meet their obligations with respect to the security of their systems and all their data.  Our products not only often fulfil a legal requirement, they also provide complete peace of mind.

Here are the key features of DDS-S:

  • A two factor authentication (2FA) system compatible with Government Security and Identity Management standards;
  • Supports managed cloud service option and a private cloud option;
  • Support of open standards (OATH) give flexible choice of token types that can be mixed and matched in the same implementation;
  • Choice of two factor authentication tokens include: physical one button and thirteen button credit card form

The product also has or delivers on the following:

  • OATH Compliant
  • Supports Open Source Server Backend
  • Uses Non Proprietary Private Seed Initialisation
  • Compact and durable, with a battery life lasting more than 2 years
  • No requirement for device driver installation on end machines
  • List of private key ids for each key supplied
  • All models support adjustable combi antenna for various RF chip.

The smart displayer is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, Android and all other operating systems.

              ONE BUTTON CARD                                       THIRTEEN BUTTON CARD
Event Card           Card 2FA 

Latest News

Jan 2015

Dugdale Digital secures order for 87,000 2FA tokens from a government agency.


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